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Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant

Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant Dallas - Fort Worth, TX - Facial Hair Restoration
The Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant is the most discreet hair transplant which offers three big benefits: minimal downtime, no tell-tale hair transplant signs and no linear scar. The Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant offers patients all the benefits of a hair transplant procedure and in most cases, leaves absolutely no detectable signs even the very next day!

HRI of DFW introduced this transplant in the DFW area to offer patients the same conveniences celebrities enjoy such as having minimal changes in life style and an unchanged appearance for those who wish to return to work as quickly as possible. This method of hair transplantation was created to cater to the life of celebrities, but it can be performed on anyone who wants to keep their hair transplant a tight-locked secret.

Advantages of the Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant

  • Minimal downtime
  • Little to no pain or discomfort
  • No shaving
  • No lingering linear scar
  • No tell-tale signs of a hair transplant

With the Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant, only a small number of hair grafts are transplanted during one session to minimize the post operative appearance of the procedure. During each session the patient receives a maximum of 500 hair grafts. Each session only takes 3-4 hours and is ideal for patients who want utmost privacy and who need only a small area of hair restored.

Celebrity FUE Hair Transplants are becoming incredibly popular at HRI with high profile patients and local celebrities. These mini FUE sessions are trending in the field of hair restoration, and have been expanded to serve the needs of many more patients by overwhelming demand.

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