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Common Hair Loss Myths

As science discovers more about hair loss, many conventional theories about the causes of hair loss are being rapidly discredited. Read on to get the real story. Myth: The baldness gene comes from your mom’s side. Truth: Genes for hair loss can come from either parent, doubling your chances of having them. Even worse, because the gene is dominant, if either of your parents had thinning hair, your chances of having it are very high. Myth: Only men suffer from hair loss. Truth: Millions of women also suffer from patchy or thinning hair, especially as they age, though women are more likely to experience thinning hair over the entire head instead of bald patches on the crown. Myth: Wearing a [...]

Female Hair Loss Treatment Options – Dallas Texas

Once your hair starts to thin, it is important to investigate the hair loss treatment options available to you.  This is especially true for women.  Female hair loss can be caused by hormones, alopecia areata, stress, or autoimmune diseases. Hair loss treatments can be unique to the cause of the individual's hair loss.  For women suffering from hair loss caused by alopecia areata, trichotillomania, hormones or other medical reasons, the HRI Dermal Lens procedure may be a good treatment option. Dermal Lens utilizes the existing hair to the fullest extent and it gives more volume with a natural look.  Learn more in the video above about how Dermal Lens has helped women suffering from hair loss. For more information, give us [...]

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Alopecia Areata: Hair Loss Causes & Treatments

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that causes spot baldness in men, women and children. Hair loss is often the result of genetics, but other conditions can also play a role. Watch the video below for information about the autoimmune disease alopecia areata, another cause of hair loss. In the bodies of people with alopecia areata, the immune system views hair follicles as invaders and attacks them, causing the follicles to shrink and stop hair production. Alopecia areata sufferers experience hair loss in small round patches on the head. Presently, there are few treatments for this disease, but researchers are learning more about it every day by tracking genetic markers. But there is hope, and there are solutions to help [...]

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Male Pattern Baldness: Psychological Effects

By the age of 35, about two-thirds of all men have been affected by hair loss. If you or a loved one are suffering from thinning hair, a receding hairline, or full baldness, read on to learn about the psychological effects of hair loss and to help determine whether hair restoration is the right decision for you. Dissatisfaction with Body Image Hair loss can dramatically change a man’s appearance. Men tend to view themselves as less attractive without hair, and may fear becoming less attractive to others. Hair loss often leads to reduced self-confidence and increased insecurity. This can have a significant effect on a man’s personality, making him more shy or even antisocial. In extreme cases, this loss of confidence [...]

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Trichotillomania: When Teens Pull Their Hair Out

You may not be aware that children and teenagers can experience hair loss, too. It can happen to them through genetics such as any form of alopecia, or because of poor nutrition, or from medical treatments for cancer. One form of hair loss you may not be aware of would be from a disorder called trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder that is the overwhelming urge for a person to pull their own hair out, whether it’s their eyebrows, eyelashes or hair. It was thought to be very uncommon, but as more people come forward with this habit, it’s not as rare of a disorder as doctors originally thought. Girls are usually more affected than boys. It can be a [...]

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Hair Transplants for Pattern Baldness: Are You a Good Candidate?

Hair loss is a devastating condition for many men and women, but it doesn’t have to be permanent thanks to recent advancements in medical hair transplant technology. To learn whether you’re a candidate for this treatment option, see below. Male Pattern Baldness Male-pattern baldness usually begins as hair thinning at the hairline. It may progress rapidly and cause thinning at the crown or top of the head. Over a short period of time, the hair will thin until all that remains is a thin strip of hair above the ears and neck. This is often referred to as the “horseshoe pattern.” Since this hair will continue to grow normally, it can effectively serve as the transplant hair for a medical hair [...]

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