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Four Common Women’s Hair Loss Questions

When a woman goes through hair loss it can be a difficult time. Our society doesn’t accept women’s hair loss they same as it does with men’s. Women suffer from hair loss far more than many people may realize. When a women begins to experience her hair thinning or hair loss there are questions that will undoubtedly go through her mind. Here some of the answers to those common questions about women’s hair loss. What are the Common Causes? The causes for women’s hair loss can range from several reasons. Certain diseases like thyroid problems can lead to hair loss. Vitamin deficiencies and improper nutrition can also lead to hair loss especially if it is a lack of iron. Alopecia [...]

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Alopecia Areata: What Is It?

Alopecia Areata Perhaps you noticed a small, round bald spot on the back of your head while you were washing your hair. Or, as you were preparing to shave your legs, you saw a patch of smooth, hairless skin on your calf. Both scenarios and many others could be the first signs of alopecia areata, which is an extremely common form of hair loss. If you or someone you love has unexplained hair loss, it could be alopecia areata. There is a lot of misinformation online and elsewhere about alopecia areata, which can increase anxiety for the people affected by this disease. Keeping yourself informed is a critical component to self-care, especially in the early stages. What is alopecia areata [...]

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Can Wearing Hats Cause Baldness?

Can wearing hats cause your hair to grow thin and fall out? As men get older, hair loss is often a real concern. This can be especially disconcerting for guys who are just entering college or going for their first real career job interviews. And most guys wear or have worn baseball caps. But one of the questions we get asked a lot centers around the old myth that baseball caps and hats in general can cause your hair to thin out or make you go bald. So what’s the truth? Can baseball caps and hats cause you to loose your hair? The short answer is “NO.” It is not uncommon for men to notice strands of hair in their [...]

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“FUT” vs. “FUE” Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are nothing new but the method used to harvest hair follicles in recent years has come up in many discussions, and there is plenty of misinformation and misunderstandings out there on the subject as well. There is a lot of attention on the methods used to obtain hair follicles for hair transplants and not as much on the results they achieve. With many myths and opinions out there it can make it difficult for individuals to know what a good option is for them. For some people the terms “FUT” and “FUE” can be confusing. Both techniques are for extracting follicular units from the donor area, and both involve transplantation. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. With [...]

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How Much Hair Loss or Hair Shedding is Normal?

The standard answer is 80-100 hairs per day is considered a "normal" amount of hair to lose during a 24 hour period. However, this number can be difficult to gauge since we lose hair all day and all night... one hair at a time. Men and women both lose some hairs in the shower, some in the blow-dry process, some in the hallway, some in the car, some at work, etc. In order to determine if you are losing hair excessively you should do a simple "Pull Test". Start by brushing your hair a few times. Not exessively, just gently brush your entire head of hair. You may lose a few hairs in the brushing process but that's okay. Now, [...]

Hereditary Female Hair Loss

Hereditary female hair loss is actually a very common condition, affecting one out of every four women. Unfortunately, strength in numbers doesn’t boost self esteem. This young woman has struggled with her diminishing hairline for years, and the only treatment that offers hope and significant hair growth is laser hair therapy. Hair Restoration Institute of DFW is the first and only hair loss clinic in the greater Dallas Fort Worth metroplex region to offer FDA Approved Laser Hair Therapy treatments for women. Utilizing the advanced MEP-90 cool laser treatment system, the first FDA Approved Medical Device for Women’s Hair Regrowth, women can now take advantage of this FDA approved non-invasive treatment of female pattern hair loss and thinning (Androgenetic Alopecia). If [...]

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