Can Wearing Hats Cause Baldness?

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Can Wearing Hats Cause Baldness?

Can wearing hats cause your hair to grow thin and fall out? As men get older, hair loss is often a real concern. This can be especially disconcerting for guys who are just entering college or going for their first real career job interviews. And most guys wear or have worn baseball caps. But one of the questions we get asked a lot centers around the old myth that baseball caps and hats in general can cause your hair to thin out or make you go bald. So what’s the truth? Can baseball caps and hats cause you to loose your hair? The short answer is “NO.”

It is not uncommon for men to notice strands of hair in their ball caps after wearing it for an extended period of time. This fact can be alarming for some and they will often immediately place blame on the hat. But the fact of the matter is that the average person (male and female) loses approximately one hundred strands of hair each and every day? Finding hair in your hat (or in the bottom of your shower) does not necessarily mean you are going bald.

Causes of Baldness in Men
For guys, baldness and thinning hair can occur as a result of a number of factors, including Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, and Anagen Effiuvium. Androgenetic Alopecia is genetically inherited and is determined by an individual’s family genetics from both the mother’s and father’s side of the family. Since genetics are predetermined, unfortunately that person is destined to eventually go bald. No matter how little or often they wear a hat.

The autoimmune disorder called Alopecia Areata is also common in men’s hair loss and shows itself as patchy, circular areas of baldness. In it’s advanced form, Alopecia Totalis, hair loss will occur over the entire scalp. The ingestion of certain medications can also cause a condition called Anagen Effiuvium. This type of hair loss is not as surprising if it is listed as side effect or if a patient is undergoing cancer treatments. In this case wearing a hat would be a likely step to take to cover up any baldness, but will not increase hair loss.

Also, a good rule of thumb is to rotate your hats often and keep them clean. This way you can root for your home team and confidently show your support from head to toe.

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