Common Hair Loss Myths

Common Hair Loss Myths

Hair Loss MythsAs science discovers more about hair loss, many conventional theories about the causes of hair loss are being rapidly discredited. Read on to get the real story.

Myth: The baldness gene comes from your mom’s side.
Truth: Genes for hair loss can come from either parent, doubling your chances of having them. Even worse, because the gene is dominant, if either of your parents had thinning hair, your chances of having it are very high.

Myth: Only men suffer from hair loss.
Truth: Millions of women also suffer from patchy or thinning hair, especially as they age, though women are more likely to experience thinning hair over the entire head instead of bald patches on the crown.

Myth: Wearing a hat increases hair loss by straining hair follicles.
Truth: Unless they are tight enough to cut off blood circulation, hats will not cause baldness. Rather, you’re probably doing yourself a favor by wearing a hat, as it decreases your risk of sun damage.

Myth: Washing and styling your hair will increase hair loss.
Truth: Washing, styling, and using products in your hair is healthy, as long as you’re not doing it excessively. Women who constantly wear their hair in tight styles like braids or ponytails may experience increased hair loss, but this will end when that stress is taken off the hair. Chemical processes like perming and coloring won’t cause hair loss, either, unless performed excessively and without giving the hair time to recover.

Myth: Cutting hair short will make it grow back thicker.
Truth: Because hair strands are wider closer to the base, hair will look thicker when it is short and thinner as it grows. Regardless of how it looks, you have the same number of hairs.

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