Four Common Women’s Hair Loss Questions

//Four Common Women’s Hair Loss Questions

Four Common Women’s Hair Loss Questions

When a woman goes through hair loss it can be a difficult time. Our society doesn’t accept women’s hair loss they same as it does with men’s. Women suffer from hair loss far more than many people may realize. When a women begins to experience her hair thinning or hair loss there are questions that will undoubtedly go through her mind. Here some of the answers to those common questions about women’s hair loss.

What are the Common Causes?

The causes for women’s hair loss can range from several reasons. Certain diseases like thyroid problems can lead to hair loss. Vitamin deficiencies and improper nutrition can also lead to hair loss especially if it is a lack of iron. Alopecia is another possible cause of hair loss, as well as hormone imbalance. For women that over style their hair often can bring on hair loss by doing that. There are many different causes for a woman to suffer hair loss which can make it difficult to get to the real root of the issue.

Are there Women-Specific Causes of Hair Loss?

While there are many causes of hair loss that do affect men and women equally, there are some that do only affect women. Things like pregnancy and childbirth can both be contributing factors that can bring on women’s hair loss. During these times your hormones can fluctuate and they become off balance. This can lead to a disruption to your normal hair growth cycle which can cause hair loss. Birth control pill can also have a similar affect as it creates changes in hormones.

Is Women’s Hair Loss Different Than Men’s Hair Loss?

While there are hair loss causes like thyroid diseases, imbalances nutrition and alopecia that do affect both men and women the same, iron deficiency typically affect hair loss for women more than it does for men, as well as disorders like trichotillomania. The pattern of hair loss for women is very different than what you find in men as well. The hair loss for women usually begins on top of the head, rather than the front or back like you find with men.

What are the Different Treatment Options?

If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment there are several different options for you that range from scalp treatments, laser hair therapy which give you the best environment for hair regrowth. There are hair extensions and wigs for a quick solution as well as hair replacement options that integrate with your existing hair to give you back a full head of hair.

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