The Four Most Common Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

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The Four Most Common Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that can shake up someone’s world once they realize they are losing their hair. For women it is even more difficult to experience as for many their hair is part of their beauty. This is just one reason why women’s hair loss can be so life-changing. Hair loss can alter anyone’s self-esteem and self-consciousness, which for women can make then feel helpless and alone.

If you can figure out the cause of your hair loss then there might be something you can do about it. There can be many reasons that someone may start losing their hair and here we want to go over four of the most common.


Because of genetics, some women are more at risk of hair loss. For many the hair follicles become particularly sensitive to male hormones. Over time, this sensitivity causes the hair follicles to shrink. It starts producing increasingly thinning hair that is shorter and weaker than it used to be. There are also many genetic disorders that can have an effect on your hair causing hair loss.

Hormonal Changes

For a normal, healthy hair’s growth cycle there a few key hormones that the body needs. As an example, estrogen promotes healthy hair and consistent growth. Male hormones, or androgens have the opposite effect. If you are suffering from a endocrine disorder like polycystic ovarian syndrome, then your body is producing too many androgens and this can make your hair weaker.


If there is one thing that can cause great havoc to our bodies, it would be stress. There are a range of hormones that can be triggered into production because of stress and it is these hormones that can potentially weaken hair follicles. If a woman’s body starts to produce too much of the androgens in her body, then the hair follicles begin to weaken. Stress has also been known to exacerbate scalp conditions which can also contribute to premature hair loss.

The Aging Process

It is not uncommon for many women to start losing their hair after menopause. This can happen because of a sudden reduction in the amount of estrogen in their body. Also, hair follicles like the rest of our body also ages and this alone can leave hair thinner and the hair a woman does have can be more brittle.

If you notice your hair is beginning to thin, knowing the real cause of your hair loss is a key step to stopping and even reversing the process. It is recommended that you consult with a hair loss specialist help you determine the cause of your hair loss and to discuss options.

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